Higher Celebrations and Shine Papers Introduce ‘The Golden Birthjay’

“4/20 is special for our community”

Higher Celebrations, an adult novelty company and creator of Birthjays is partnering with Shine Papers to celebrate the day that cannabis culture was born, April 20th. In collaboration with Shine Papers, Higher Celebrations is now proud to offer an exclusive ‘Golden Birthjay’ made for celebrating special occasions in style.

The Birthjay is the world’s first joint birthday candle and one-of-a-kind, smoke-able cake topper. The festive pre-rolled cone, now available in 24K gold, is topped with a candlewick and proprietary mote that prevents wax from leaking onto the cone. Lighting up the party with a Birthjay is easy. Simply fill the empty pre-rolled cones with cannabis flower or hemp of your choosing, twist the paper closed, top it with the candle-wick widget, attach the cake stake to the bottom of the cone, and then place on top of the dessert of your choice. 

The ‘Golden Birthday’ is a fantastic collab between Shine and Birthjays

Shine Rolling Papers, a company that encourages consumers to think beyond just going to a party, and instead ‘being the party,’ perfectly aligns with the culture and fun-loving nature of Higher Celebrations, making the partnership a natural fit. 

“While our classic striped Birthjay is incredibly giftable on its own, some occasions require a little extra 24 karat magic, and that’s where the Golden Birthjay comes in,” said Michael Scherr, CEO & Founder of Higher Celebrations. “4/20 is special for our community, but let’s not forget the romantic anniversaries, New Year’s Eve soirees, and of course, the golden birthdays that all could use something memorable and a bit luxurious to commemorate the occasion,” added Scherr.  

The Golden Birthjay features Shine’s handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers, made with the finest edible gold and a hemp blend base for a smoother burn. The Golden Birthjay is available in smoke shops across the country and on Amazon for $19.99 MSRP. 

Starting today until 4/20, Higher Celebrations is offering a 25% off discount on their entire suite of products, including the original Birthjays 5-pack, Tommy Chong’s Birthjays, and the brand new Golden Birthjay. For anyone who misses out on the discount, Higher Celebrations is offering loyal followers a chance to win a free Golden Birthjay. Details will be announced on the company’s Instagram, @Birthjays. 

For more information about wholesale opportunities, contact Michael Scherr at

About Higher Celebrations

Based in Colorado, Higher Celebrations is a novelty product line for adults offering unique packaging products focused on the cannabis gifting experience and special occasions. In May of 2019, Higher Celebrations launched BirthJays, the world’s first pre-rolled joint birthday candle. Birthjays are easy to use. Simply fill the pre-rolled cones with cannabis flower, top it with the candle-wick widget, attach the cake stake to the bottom of the cone before placing the Birthjay on any birthday dessert, lighting the candle top. Visit the Birthjays website for more information, or follow @Birthjays on Instagram and Facebook. 

About Shine Papers

In 2013, Shine Papers invented the world’s first-ever 24 karat gold rolling papers, cones, and cigar wraps. The brand quickly became the go-to for those who celebrate all of life’s highs. Shine Papers’ 24 karat gold rolling papers turn every head in the room, with the perfect mix of gold on the outside and a consistent burning hemp-blend paper on the inside to stay lit longer and burn cleaner, leaving gold in the ashes. For more information visit  and follow them on Instagram @shinepapers. 

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