Indoor Cannabis Producers Adopt Water-Efficiency Systems In The heat of Drought

Adopting long-term water-efficiency measures must be the answer

Drought has driven water restrictions across the West, impacting citizens, municipalities, farms and businesses – cannabis producers among them.

In response, many indoor producers have implemented water-efficiency technologies in past years to maintain enough water for their growing seasons while ensuring they are responsible stewards of the environment.

As the drought worsens, it’s likely more restrictions are coming, producers say.

Adopting long-term water-efficiency measures must be the answer to show leadership in an industry that – right or wrong – has had a reputation for water overuse.

“We’re building (production technologies) so we’re prepared, from both a fiduciary and a corporate responsibility standpoint, if there’s an issue with water use,” said Jigar Patel, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco’s NorCal Cannabis.

“But, more important, because we think it’s the right thing to do.”

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