Jim Belushi Nudges Pritzker To Lower Weed Taxes

“I really think (Pritzker) is on our side. He’s a good guy”

Jim Belushi, the actor and comedian whose latest role is gentleman cannabis farmer and entrepreneur, says he gave Gov. J.B. Pritzker a friendly nudge about taxes on weed.

The state tax rate has long been a hot topic in the weed industry, and Belushi addressed it during the Cannabis Innovation Summit yesterday at startup incubator 1871.

“I had a conversation with Gov. Pritzker, who I really think is on our side. He’s a good guy,” Belushi said. “I said, ‘Last year, you guys collected $417 million in cannabis taxes, and you collected $207 million in liquor taxes. There’s a lot more liquor stores and bars than there are dispensaries.’ ”

Illinois has some of the highest pot prices in the nation because it has kept a tight lid on the number of retail licenses compared to states such as Michigan. Illinois also has some of the highest taxes on marijuana, approaching 40%, depending on the potency of the product. Michigan charges 16%, and Missouri’s tax rate is 10.2%.

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