Marijuana Companies Weigh How To Approach COVID-19 Vaccinations For Employees

Companies up and down the cannabis supply chain are taking steps

Marijuana companies are scrambling to determine whether their employees can move toward the front of the line to receive COVID-19 vaccinations as the pandemic continues to cause logistical challenges for businesses trying to keep workers and customers safe.

Companies up and down the cannabis supply chain also are taking steps to encourage their workers to get vaccinated without mandating it, although federal regulators have said companies can require employees get the shot.

All this comes as marijuana workers across much of the country have not yet been given priority status for vaccinations alongside health-care workers and grocery employees – although most states with legal markets deemed cannabis companies “essential” after the pandemic broke out nearly a year ago.

Maryland is at least one exception, however.

Last week, more than 130 cannabis companies in the state were notified that their workers would share the same status as health-care workers in the vaccination queue, Phase 1A.

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