Montana Lawmaker Looks To Amend Cannabis Legalization Initiative

I-190 states recreational marijuana is to be taxed 20%

Montana lawmaker Representative Matt Regier from House District 4 said he wants to amend Initiative 190 to give more sales tax money to human services and give licensed dispensaries an avenue to advertise their products.

Rep. Reiger said he has two bill drafts that he’s hoping to introduce to the 67th Legislature.

One of them aims to amend Initiative 190, by specifically changing how sales tax revenues from recreational marijuana are distributed.

“The taxpayers and the public of Montana as a whole needs to be protected first. In my mind, some sort of trust fund so there is money there for the negative effects of recreational marijuana,” Regier said.

I-190 states recreational marijuana is to be taxed 20%. Just over 10% of that revenue is to be contributed to the state’s general fund.

The rest of the tax revenue is to be directed toward conservation programs, substance abuse treatment and veterans services, amongst other things. Reiger said he wants human services, like substance abuse treatment, to be a priority.

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