New San Diego CA Cannabis Bureau Aims To Foster Growing Industry

The bureau also focus on loosening city policies and exploring new ideas

The new San Diego Cannabis Permitting Bureau launching this winter will streamline regulation of the city’s cannabis businesses, step up enforcement and explore new ideas like “consumption lounges” and delivery-only services.

The bureau also may focus on loosening city policies under New Mayor Todd Gloria and a Democrat-dominated City Council, who are expected to take a more permissive approach to legalized cannabis.

San Diego has been a regional leader by allowing cannabis dispensaries and production facilities across the city, but some say it hasn’t fostered the local industry as aggressively as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and some other California cities.

The new bureau aims to change that by putting together a team of specialists under one roof that will focus on clarifying city rules, cutting through red tape and making surprise visits to businesses to ensure compliance and safety.

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