OCTAVE And Mothership Glass Announce First Collaboration On Terp Timers

Terp timers available for purchase on both Octave, Mothership websites

OCTAVE High-Tech, the leader in high-tech cannabis hardware and Mothership, the most advanced and encompassing glass studio based in the pacific northwest announced today their first collaboration on new Terp Timers. The redesigned product is available for purchase at OCTAVE and Mothership websites for $169.

As brands continue to navigate through COVID-19, OCTAVE strives to innovate within the realm of the cannabis industry, creating exclusive collaborations and products for enthusiasts to evolve their ritual. OCTAVE’s signature product, The Terp Timer, a desktop wireless thermal sensor that allows the user to dial in the exact temperature when concentrating, received a glossy yet sleek makeover from Mothership. Using anti-corrosion zinc alloy plating, they achieved an illustrious, unique and vibrant Sapphire Chrome finish. 

Enthusiasts can expect the standard features on the newest Terp Timer, including: 

  • Color changing screen
  • Embossed magnetic base
  • Battery charge lasts 2-3 months
  • 10-year warranty

“Mothership Glass is one of the most respected and worshipped glass brands in the world, making them the perfect counterpart for Octave’s first-ever collaboration,” says Davis Clayton Kiyo, CEO of Octave and Myster brands. “This collaboration is important to allow all the legacy Mothership customers to learn how to truly dial in their dabbing temperatures.”


OCTAVE High-Tech is a technologically advanced cannabis hardware brand for true enthusiasts. Our mission is to evolve your ritual. We design, manufacture, and sell high-tech cannabis gadgets. OCTAVE’s signature product is the Terp Timer, a desktop thermo sensor that simplifies and refines the dabbing process. The newest product, Battpak, a portable power bank with a secret stash wallet and rolling tray covertly hidden inside, launched in January 2021. 

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