Old Pal Arrives in New York: Unrivaled Quality Meets Classic, Sharable Cannabis Lifestyle

“Returning to our home state with Old Pal is incredibly meaningful”

Old Pal, the cannabis lifestyle brand renowned for its unrivaled quality, simplicity, and for bringing people together, is ecstatic to announce its official launch in the state of New York. This expansion brings Old Pal’s exceptional quality and classic, shareable lifestyle to the diverse and dynamic communities of the Big Apple.

A Heartfelt Homecoming for Founders Rusty Wilenkin + Jason Osni

Founder and CEO Rusty Wilenkin considers the New York launch a deeply personal milestone. “Returning to our home state with Old Pal is incredibly meaningful. We’re not just offering a product; we’re introducing a lifestyle of unmatched quality that’s all about simplicity and community,” Wilenkin said. “We can’t wait to make new pals in New York, see them interacting with our brand, and enjoying Old Pal across the state.”

A Strategic Partnership with Pura Elevates Quality

In a move to further ensure the brand’s unmatched quality, Old Pal has strategically partnered with Pura, a leading cannabis manufacturer. This collaboration will allow Old Pal’s devoted fans to enjoy a commitment to unparalleled quality while seamlessly meeting the unique demands of the New York market.

Full Range of Premium Products at Union Square Travel Agency

Starting day one, New Yorkers will be able to purchase the complete, high-quality range of Old Pal SKUs at Union Square Travel Agency and Housing Works, both premier cannabis retail locations in the city.

Customers can look forward to classic Old Pal ready-to-roll 1/2 oz, 1/8th oz of full flower, and the 2-pack of pre-rolls, all crafted with the same quality standards that Old Pal cannabis products are known for.

“We are excited to finally feature the Old Pal brand and products at USQTA. I am in a perpetual search for premium products that offer both variety to our menu and, most importantly, our customers. The Old Pal ready-to-roll resealable pouch featuring a half ounce of ground flower coupled with unbleached rolling papers and crutches delivers on so many levels” says Dave Vautrin, Operating Partner at Union Square Travel Agency.

**About Old Pal**

Old Pal is a cannabis lifestyle brand that sets the gold standard for quality in the industry. With a focus on simplicity, shareability (in the markets that allow sharing), and unrivaled quality, Old Pal aims to offer an uncomplicated way to integrate cannabis into a balanced, fulfilling life. Old Pal products can now be found in NY, CA, PA, MA, IL, NV, OH, AZ, MO, NM, MD, OK with more markets coming in 2023.

For more information about Old Pal, visit 

**About Highline Brands (a dba of Hepworth Pura LLC)**

Highline Brands is the distribution company of Hepworth Pura LLC, of joint venture partnership between Hepworth Ag and Pura Industries NY LLC. Hepworth Ag holds an adult use cultivation and adult use processing licenses within the State of New York. Hepworth is a 7th generation farm located in Milton, in the heart of the Hudson Valley, led by sisters Amy and Gail Hepworth. Hepworth leverages its longstanding organic vegetable farm that serves Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, and other stores across the northeast across its 550 acres. Pura Industries NY is an experienced cannabis operator who brings its NY roots along with its advanced genetics library, cannabis cultivation and manufacturing experience that its management have led in several other states.  HP operates on 70 acres, including in an advanced -25,000 sq ft manufacturing and processing center. HP is dedicated to bringing high quality cannabis products to NY from both its own internal brands such as Hepworth and Pura, along with products from its leading brand partners.

For more information about Pura Cali, visit

**About Union Square Travel Agency, a cannabis store**

The Union Square Travel Agency (USQTA) is a purpose-driven cannabis dispensary that redirects more than half of all proceeds to the not for profit, The Doe Fund. USQTA is a New York birthed company that believes in the legalization of cannabis, and that the industry should help to repair the damage done by the War on Drugs. The company is made up of New Yorkers committed to giving back, supporting BIPOC-, women-, and LGBTQ-owned brands. USQTA hires formerly incarcerated and legacy operators with support from our community partners, and celebrates design, innovation, and education. USQTA creates spaces that can help transport all those who visit – to a better world and a higher plane of consciousness. Visit to learn more.

Warning: For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children and pets. In case of accidental ingestion or overconsumption, contact the Poison Center hotline 1-800-222-1222 or call 9-1-1. Please consume responsibly. Cannabis can be addictive.

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