Puffco Releases Proxy Accessories!

The legendary vaporization company made their first accessories drop for the Proxy

The wait for Proxy Accessories has come to an end as the first drop from the legendary vaporization company hits store shelves and today.

The incredible accessories from the first drop include:

Flower Bowl: For users who love a flower experience through a pipe, the Proxy ecosystem provides an interchangeable, fuss-free way to consume flower, with easy clean-up and a great smoking experience. It just requires a simple switch of the Proxy base for the flower top onto the pipe glass – it also fits the Bub! 

Flower Bowl ($34.99 MSRP)
Flower Bowl ($34.99 MSRP)

Bub: This bubbler is a minimalist, horn-style bong that can accommodate the Proxy base, for premium, smoother hits and water filtration experiences that include the satisfying sound of a percolator during use. 

The Bub ($99.99 MSRP)

Travel Pack: For those looking for portability and convenience, the travel pack includes: ($44.99 MSRP)

  • Silicon backpack – provides a place to store loading and cleaning tools, and a flat surface base while reloading and cleaning
  • Proxy Ball Cap: the user-controlled, 360-degree directional airflow ball cap allows the Proxy to deliver even heating and maximum vapor production alongside a smoother, consistent and vapor-heavy hit (can also be purchased separately)
  • Mouthpiece: Protects the glass tip and provides a sanitary means for sharing
  • 3D Chamber jacket/tether: Keeps your carb cap secure
The Travel Pack ($44.99)

Proxy Ball Cap: The Proxy Ball Cap features a 360-degree directional airflow that lets you move oil around the chamber bowl for even heating and maximum vapor production. The result is a more consistent, and more vapor-filled hit. 

Proxy Ball Cap ($29.99 MSRP)

All items are available beginning 7/13 at and dispensaries nationwide! To order wholesale please contact your Puffco sales representative or visit here.

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