Pure Beauty Introduces Solventless Live Rosin-Ice Water Hash-Infused Pre Rolls In California

Pure Beauty’s solventless live rosin-ice water hash-infused pre rolls hits shelves today

Pure Beauty’s ( babies are now infused!  Because frankly, can’t you always get a little higher?

We all know that smoking flower gives you a specific high, which is different from a vape high, a gummy high, etc. But there is something to love in every high. So what if you could experience all the best highs simultaneously? This is a concept the team at Pure Beauty has been obsessed with; creating the perfect infused joint. 

Pure Beauty spent a lot of time in the kitchen getting it exactly right. Like 2 years LOL. Ultimately, marrying their soil-grown indoor flower with first press solventless live rosin and first wash ice water hash to achieve a potent, extra smooth baby joint that will give you a clean, multi-dimensional experience. It’s like the ultimate caprese salad. 3 simple but quality ingredients in perfect proportion to make a magical dish. 

Try it and see. You will be on the couch pondering life’s big questions: Which dimension do we live in? How big is the universe? Like for real. Also, is my dog a human trapped in a hairy four legged body?


  • Full indoor flower from Pure Beauty’s sustainable cultivation
  • Live rosin and ice water hash – both solventless concentrates

Pure Beauty’s solventless live rosin- ice water hash- infused pre rolls hits shelves today, December 5th, and will be available for Direct-To-Consumer ( delivery in California on December 12th. 

Give yourself the gift of indulgence and experience what it’s like to put the perfect finishing touch on your loveliest highs. We’d love to send you Pure Beauty’s solventless live rosin & ice water hash-infused baby pre roll samples for product review consideration and look forward to hearing how you felt with this special new product.


Pure Beauty ( is obsessive in growing and creating the best indoor flower and products. Using genetics collected and bred from all over and perfected over the years, producing the cleanest,most potent flower you can smoke. Inspired by art, Pure Beauty evokes thought, and is shifting cultural perspectives. Cultivated using the most environmentally progressive systems in the industry, Pure Beauty offers real quality and fun with their coveted premium flower. Their diverse team is committed to social justice, leaving a positive impact on the community and pushing boundaries in all aspects of their business. Through powerful collaborations, thoughtful conversations and influential endorsers, Pure Beauty reinvigorates the ethos around the plant we all love. 

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