Radiant Canna Launches Line Of Marley Natural® Cannabis Products At Hall Of Flowers Show

Cosmic Distro Is Now Radiant Distro

Radiant Canna announced today it is launching new flower lines of their exclusive Marley Natural® cannabis at the Hall of Flowers Show in Santa Rosa on September 22nd and 23rd. Radiant is exclusively producing and distributing Marley Natural cannabis products in California, including cannabis flower, concentrate and edible products. The Radiant Canna/Marley Natural exhibit will be located at booth B102.

The Marley Natural Core line is sourced from Legacy farmers in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, where it is sustainably sun grown and hand-selected. It is reasonably priced and currently offered in 1/8th jars, with 1-gram pre-rolls available soon. The cultivator of the Core line release is the highly revered Mendocino Grasslands, long known for growing superior quality cannabis in California, “where humble heritage meets artful expression.”

The Core product line will be complemented by the Marley Natural Studio line, highlighting limited-edition batches of potent, exotic indoor flower products grown by a curated group of award-winning cultivators including award-winning King Klone.  In addition, Radiant Canna plans to introduce a line of THC-infused edibles, as well as pre-rolls and vapes later this fall.

Radiant Canna’s Hall of Flowers exhibit will also launch Radiant Distro as the new brand identity of their distribution business, previously known as Cosmic Distribution. “As consumer demand for California’s premier legacy brands skyrockets,” said CEO Aaron Selverston, “Radiant Distro is meeting the moment by providing our brand partners statewide distribution in California in addition to a full stack of co-packing, extraction and technology solutions.”       

Across Radiant, the company remains committed to the legacy of social justice, positive change, personal wellness, and environmental consciousness by sourcing primarily from heritage family farms and by maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Radiant welcomes the media and the industry to have a first look at the Marley Natural product line at the Hall of Flowers show this week. 

Radiant Canna provides manufacturing, distribution and technology solutions to more than a dozen multi-award-winning legacy and equity brands. Radiant Distro, its logistics arm, operates fulfillment centers in Northern and Southern California, including Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Los Angeles. For more information, please visit: or on Instagram @radiantdistro or @cosmicbrands.

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