Renowned St. Louis Chef Bob Brazell Joins Sinse Cannabis To Craft Specialized Gummies Featuring Unique Formulations

Brazell earned his chops at Monarch and Niche restaurants

After sharpening his skills at numerous St. Louis restaurants, Chef Bob Brazell has expanded into cannabis by partnering with Sinse Cannabis to develop the recipes for Sinse Gummies, a new line of edibles created to serve specific patient and consumer needs.

“Sinse Gummies combine Bob’s culinary expertise with Sinse Cannabis’ high-quality flower and our science-focused mindset to create a series of targeted gummies intended to appeal to a wide variety of consumers,” said Jason Nelson, CEO of Sinse Cannabis. “These gummies are incredibly effective and unbelievably delicious.”

Sinse Gummies utilize THC distillate, Full Extract Canna Oil (FECO) or a combination of both in addition to CBD in some varieties, to produce effects unlike other edibles on the market. Full Extract Canna Oil is created using a low-temperature ethanol extraction process that preserves a strain’s original terpene and cannabinoid profile, as well as some plant material. The Sinse Gummies brand offers three types of gummies for specialized medicinal effects, as well as three strain-specific gummies, each available made with either all FECO or a combination of FECO/distillate. Product varieties include:

Sinse Red Triple Berry 1:1: This is the “entry level” Sinse Gummy designed for microdosing or patients that are new to medicinal cannabis. 10mg THC (5mg distillate, 5mg FECO) per gummy. 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Sinse Teal Triple Berry 1:1 FECO: This is the best medicinal Sinse Gummy developed for daily use by patients experiencing chronic pain who need to remain functional at all times. 10mg THC/10mg CBD per gummy. 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Sinse High Potency Indica Sweet Grape: Best for chronic pain or sleep, and those who need a higher dose gummy. 30mg THC (all distillate) per gummy. 300mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Sinse Sativa Mixed Berry: Made with specific Sativa-leaning Sinse strains, this gummy is great for individuals who want an edible experience without any associated lethargy. 10mg THC (available in either all FECO or 5mg FECO/5mg distillate) per gummy. 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Sinse Indica Wild Berry: Created with specific Indica-leaning Sinse strains, Indica Wild Berry is perfect for individuals seeking a heavy high, to feel sleepy, or who need pain relief. 10mg THC (available in either all FECO or 5mg FECO/5mg distillate) per gummy. 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

Sinse Hybrid Seasonal Flavors: The “fun” Sinse Gummy will come in a rotating variety of seasonal flavors. Great for individuals who want an “even keel” edible high experience. 10mg THC (available in either all FECO or 5mg FECO/5mg distillate) per gummy. 100mg THC per package (10 pieces).

“The taste and flavor of an edible can – and should – make as much of an impression as the experience that follows,” said Brazell, who has been working in kitchens and creating recipes since he first entered the workforce. “This made my contributions to Sinse Gummies that much more difficult. The impression these edibles make when consumed are unforgettable, and I hope that the initial burst of delicious flavor consumers experience makes an equally unforgettable impression as it helps set the stage for what’s to come next.”

A renowned St. Louis restaurateur, Brazell earned his chops at the now shuttered Monarch and Niche restaurants, both legendary fine dining establishments in their days. He then opened Athlete Eats (now Revel Kitchen) and then planted roots at the first Byrd & Barrell, followed shortly afterward by the neighborhood favorite Tamm Avenue Bar. In 2019, Brazell and his partners acquired the iconic Tenderloin Room in the Chase Park Plaza, which returned him to his fine dining roots.

“It has just been incredible to bring such a talented local food artist into the Sinse Gummies kitchen to help develop a truly one-of-a-kind product to Missouri,” Jason Nelson said. “We cannot wait to hear the reaction from patients and customers when they taste and experience these new gummies.”

About Sinse Cannabis

SINSE CANNABIS masterfully combines the art and science of cannabis cultivation to offer the most finely tuned flower available. Cutting-edge technology is paired with time-tested tender love and care, yielding fine flower products designed to unlock a healthier mind-body connection and enhance the everyday. SINSE is backed by more than 12 years of research and development; built from a deep-rooted passion to bring consistency, quality, and clarity to the cannabis industry. Grown indoors across 90,000 square feet of cultivation space, each bud of SINSE Cannabis is harvested and hand-trimmed in St. Louis, Missouri.

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