Rise of Cannabis Drinks: Beyond The Mocktail Trend

The stage set by early marketers didn’t quite match the play that unfolded

IN THE WORLD of beverages, the allure of the ‘new’ has always captivated consumers. Remember the rise and reign of the “mocktail?” At the dawn of the cannabis drinks market, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts anticipated a symbiotic dance between cannabis and bar culture, envisioning a world where the cannabis-infused sipper sat comfortably next to the old-fashioned on the bar menu.

Yet, like any good story, the plot has twisted. The stage set by early marketers didn’t quite match the play that unfolded. The starring role that cannabis drinks were pegged for has been taken for a roller-coaster ride, prompting us to ask: What do consumers of cannabis beverages truly seek?

Cross-Pollination Missteps

While the idea of merging the bar atmosphere with the allure of cannabis seemed promising, consumer behavior hasn’t supported this connection. The overlapping of cannabis and cocktail culture has seen limited success. This realization prompts the question: What do cannabis drink consumers truly want?

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