San Francisco’s Most Famous Pot Brand Accused Of Fraud, Millions In Kickbacks

A representative for Cookies declined to comment

The Bay Area’s most famous cannabis brand has been accused of fraud and orchestrating millions of dollars of financial kickbacks to its executives, according to a pair of lawsuits filed earlier this year.

The executives of Cookies, a pot brand founded by Bay Area rapper Berner, were accused of “self-dealing” and using the famous pot brand to “bully others into paying them millions of dollars in personal benefits and kickbacks,” according to a lawsuit filed by a group of Cookies investors in February in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

A second Los Angeles lawsuit filed in early January by a different group of business partners accused Cookies executives of negotiating kickbacks on the sale of millions of dollars of delta-8 THC vape pens.

Berner, whose legal name is Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., defended himself in an Instagram video posted last week, claiming that lawsuits were filed by a group of “predatory investors” attempting to take his company from him. Berner is currently the CEO of Cookies.

“These guys have made extremely false, harmful, damaging claims about myself that are completely just not true. And I really look forward to the day in court that we can prove that these claims are false,” Milam said.

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