Stiiizy’s Founder Built An L.A. Cannabis Empire, While Being Landlord To Illegal Dispensaries

The discovery of a black market dispensary in 2019 set off the initial investigation

The sign on the building said Jerry’s Liquor, but inside, Compton code enforcement inspectors found a cannabis dispensary called Fly High 20 Collective.

The discovery of the black market dispensary in 2019 wasn’t unusual in a city plagued with them. But when authorities looked deeper into the property on Rosecrans Avenue, they found something startling: It was owned by Tony Huang, the man behind one of the cannabis industry’s biggest and most successful companies.

After co-founding Stiiizy in 2017, the San Gabriel Valley native and his partners created a vertical enterprise that grows, distributes and sells marijuana legally throughout California. More than just a company, Stiiizy markets itself as a “lifestyle brand” that sells clothing, hosts live events and donates money to social justice causes.

But in a pending abatement suit, Compton’s lawyers claimed Stiiizy’s co-founder “is also known for his serial operations of various illegal cannabis dispensaries.” The city said in the lawsuit it believes that Huang, as the landlord, “controlled the illegal sale of marijuana from the property.”

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