THC Design Announces New Ice Water Hash Pre-Rolls Ahead Of 420

The hash roll infuses 1 gram of Crescendo flower with Crescendo ice hash

THC Design is thrilled to announce the launch of their very first ice water hash infused pre-roll. Founded in 2016 in Los Angeles, this marks only the third category for the legacy brand known for its dedication to both quality and innovation in the world of cannabis. This new product is an expansion to their already impressive menu filled with over 150 rotating strains, five of which permanently remain on the menu.

Released in tandem with 04/20, THC Design chose to celebrate the biggest stoner holiday by creating an ultra premium infused pre-roll. Demand for infused pre-rolls has increased substantially over the last few years, with sales of the product growing from 39 percent in Q1 2021 to 57 percent by January 2023. THC Design infuses one gram of their fan-favorite Crescendo strain into a pre-roll with more Crescendo, no shake, no sugar leaf, just 100% unmilled flower for optimal quality. In true THC Design style, the ice water hash pre-roll is created with natural and clean processes that results in a final product that contains 47.83% THC to pack a punch that even the most experienced cannabis users will love. 

THC Design wanted to ensure they didn’t compromise their core values of top quality products and sustainability. Ice water hash is a solventless cannabis concentrate made by freezing trichomes in ice water, preserving the plant’s terpenes and nuances while boosting potency. As they have made their mark in the cannabis industry with multiple awards for their flower including eight Farmer’s Cups, Best Pre-Roll by Leafly, LA Weekly and Weedmaps and two High Times Cannabis Cups, the brand was committed to utilizing this time and labor intensive process to create the ultimate pre-roll. THC Design also utilizes sustainable processes to create not only the ice water hash, but the pre-roll as well, including but not limited to Integrated Pest Management and water reclamation techniques. 

“With sustainability being a part of THC Design’s DNA, we are excited to release a product that not only utilizes sustainable practices, but allows people to experience cannabis in a way that celebrates our cultivars,” CEO Marlon Coburn explains.

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More About THC Design

THC Design was founded in Los Angeles in 2016, and has built an impressive legacy founded on delivering high quality, award winning products. They pride themselves as leaders in cultivation, sustainability and the development of in-house genetics. With an impressive genetic library of over 150 cultivars, THC Design believes in setting the standards for how cannabis companies operate, as well as giving back to the community via direct action. They are recipients of multiple awards, including 8 Farmers Cups, 2 High Times Cannabis Cups, and Best Pre-Rolls in California from Weedmaps, Leafly, and LA Weekly.

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