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Beach Collective, Torrance California

Store Name: Beach Center

Store Location: 1115 W 190th Torrance, CA 90278

Store Website: N/A. Link To Store Weedmaps Profile


Located in a slightly hidden backlot, Beach Center has ample parking and outside security that greets you with a friendly smile and will walk up to open the door for you. Once inside, you are in a decent sized lobby with an open window and friendly face. It was wonderful to see a thoughtful check-in process that was speedy and simplistic. Upon walking through the double sets of doors into the budroom, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had heard good things but was unconvinced of quality and a diverse selection in the South Bay. In most of Los Angeles, it is extremely difficult to find a well ran dispensary. Operation and quality control is usually weak, and a lot of shops are seedy in both their approach and display, Beach Center however, changes that experience with a friendly approach and an almost unseen level of care for cleanliness and display and attention to detail.



A bright and open budroom full of art and polished wood. It was almost like a small art gallery popup that frequent the LA area, but also happened to be selling some of the finest quality cannabis in the area. Featuring a diverse selection of Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options in just about any form you can think of, this shop has it all and is ready to discuss every single product at length. Their approach to display uses a color-coded system which corresponds with a price level on easy to navigate binders are available to browse. They stock a wide and diverse range of products, but seemed to lack from a variety of accessories options aside from a couple pens but where they fell short in accessories they more than made up for elsewhere. The budtender was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and walked me through the entire process. She was able to tell me about the genetics of several of the strains, but was unsure of one and quickly looked it up. I finally settled on Lambsbread, and was more than satisfied with my selection. The biggest thing I noticed upon checkout, was that credit cards were accepted and full itemized receipts were available upon request. I was extremely satisfied with my visit and will definitely return in the future.



  • Atmosphere
  • Friendly Staff
  • Strain Diversity
  • Full Itemized Receipt (Rare for Los Angeles County)
  • Takes Credit Card


  • Strains Placed Inconsistently In Drawers
  • Some Displayed Strains Sold Out


Marijuana Retail Report Rating – 8.35 / 10

Marijuana Retail Report conducts its reviews independent of the shops / accessories / lounges knowledge. Marijuana Retail Report is neither paid or otherwise incentivized by the shop / accessory / lounge to review them. They are not informed of the review either prior to, during, or after and cannot have the review edited for any reason other than provable inaccuracy. The reviews are unbiased by design and contain a 31 point inspection of the store during the review. The cannabis is purchased by the reviewer and is not paid for by the shop nor is the reviewer reimbursed by the shop for the review. The products selected for purchase are purchased at random based on variable criteria, and are meant to spot check the dispensary.

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