CAMP Set To Unveil Nevada’s First Variable Voltage Solventless Disposable Vape Featuring Innovative Wickless Design

“You vaped, we listened”

CAMP, Nevada’s first solventless cannabis brand, will unveil a revolutionary solventless rosin disposable designed to elevate discrete dabbing experiences to the next level: the CAMP Disposable 3.0. The innovative disposable vape will be the first variable voltage disposable of its kind in Nevada and available in early July, just in time for 7/10. The CAMP Disposable 3.0 will be available at each of The Source’s five locations throughout Nevada and other dispensaries throughout the state.

The brainchild of CAMP chief operating officer Aaron Nino, the inventive design of the disposable features a wickless ceramic bucket to heat the rosin, helping users avoid the burnt taste commonly associated with cotton wicks. The updated disposable vape still features award-winning CAMP solventless rosin, but with design updates and upgrades made with consumer experiences in mind. “You vaped, we listened,” said Nino. “The CAMP Disposable 3.0 is the same juice, just a better squeeze.”

The updated disposable allows users to choose from variable voltage settings, alleviating clogs, another common issue with disposables. “Our live and hash rosin are extremely thick because we don’t use any solvents,” explained Nino. “By using variable voltage, consumers can turn up the temperature to work through thicker oil and turn it back down to get that smooth clean hit.”

The CAMP Disposable 3.0 offers a choice of three unique rosin types, each created using a different solventless extract process. The disposable vape’s Live Rosin model is distinguished by its white case and features a highly potent rosin that is extracted from fresh flower trichomes which have been frozen for 24 hours to capture a full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. This frozen flower is then heated with advanced hot iron press settings, creating a strong concentrate without combustion or damage to the oil. CAMP Disposable 3.0’s Ice Water Hash Rosin, which features an orange case, is produced by freezing trichomes through soaking cannabis buds in ice water and then stirring to break them off before filtering it through mesh screens to remove contaminants. The hash is then dried and pressed with a specialty hot iron to produce pure ice water hash rosin. The Flower Rosin version of the vape, which can be identified by its distinctive burgundy case, is generated by exposing the flower to intense temperatures and pressure on a hot iron press to extract rosin from dry cannabis. Flower rosin delivers a smoking-like experience without the need for breaking down, grinding, and loading buds while avoiding combustion or damage to the final product.

CAMP debuted Nevada’s first solventless products in April 2019. The absence of solvents in the oil results in a cleaner, more flavorful hit each time. In order to achieve this, CAMP uses an extraction process involving ice, water, heat, pressure and “love.” CAMP solventless vapes serve as a cleaner, higher quality alternative to traditional distillate vapes and are only made with the highest quality nugs, all of which have been hand picked by Nino himself – no trim and sugar leaf allowed.

More information about CAMP can be found at and for product details or to utilize the online ordering platform, visit

About CAMP:
High Times, Jack Herer and Las Vegas Weekly award-winning CAMP is a brand committed to innovation. CAMP paved the way in 2019 as the first to launch solventless rosin cartridges in Nevada, created using only heat and pressure, and has since launched an edibles line that began with gummies and is continually expanding in selection, with the addition of infused chocolates. Since its debut, CAMP has introduced flower, concentrates, cartridges, edibles and more to its unique product line, which are available at leading dispensaries in Nevada. Learn more about the company’s vision on YouTube and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @WheresYourCAMP. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children. RP063 | P063.

About The Source Holding LLC:
Since 2015, The Source has established itself as a leading provider of cannabis products in Nevada, with five locations across the state, as well as manufacturing, cultivation and production facilities. Offering more than 80 different strains of cannabis and premium product lines to medical and recreational users, including CAMP, High Heads and UB GOOD, The Source offers browsing and curated product recommendations through its new, AI sommelier-powered mobile app, the first of its kind in Nevada. The Source’s team of experienced professionals maintain clean, curated and compliant operations and cannabis products. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children. D152 | RD152 | D107 | RD107 | RD217 | RD219 | RD221.

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