Conversations in Cannabis: Angela Pih, Head of Marketing at Statehouse Holdings

We caught up with Angela to discuss her industry growth and the future

Growth accelerator. Brand whisperer. Creative marketer. These are just a couple of descriptors for one of the gems of the cannabis marketing world. Enter Angela Pih, Head of Marketing and creative force behind California based Statehouse Holdings.

Having cut her cannabis teeth with Papa & Barkley as well as Cannacraft, Angela is no stranger to helping navigate incredibly rich and storied brands through the ever-evolving maze that is cannabis marketing. Through the 4 and a half short years Angela has been in the space, she’s managed to become a 3-time Clio Award winner as well as having a seat on the Rolling Stone Culture Council.

We caught up with Angela during the legendary Emerald Cup Harvest Ball located in Santa Rosa California to discuss her transition to Head of Marketing at Statehouse from Cannacraft and how Statehouse can best help the soured relationships between Northern California’s legacy cannabis scene and Harborside dispensary.

All this and more in this week’s edition of Conversations in Cannabis.


00:42 – What originally brought you into the cannabis industry?

03:30 – What was the most difficult thing for you during your transition from marketing in an unregulated market vs a regulated market.

09:35 – What made you want to move from Papa & Barkley to CannaCraft?

13:05 – What made you want to make the move from Cannacraft to Statehouse?

16:05 – How is Statehouse working to remedy the relationship for the legacy growers harmed by Prop 64?

19:55 What is the future relationship between The Emerald Cup and Statehouse regarding the Small Farmers Initiative?

22:40 How does Statehouse ensure education of their budtenders on organic cannabis and the olfactory experience?

We’d like to thank Angela for her time in being on today’s podcast. You can find out more about Statehouse by visiting them online at You can also find out more about The Emerald Cup and the Emerald Cup Awards at Stay tuned for the next episode of Conversations in Cannabis!

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