Conversations In Cannabis: Dani Diamond – CEO of Hall of Flowers

We sat down with Dani to talk about the upcoming show in Santa Rosa

Today’s guest is Dani Diamond, Founder & CEO of California based Business to Business Trade Show, Hall of Flowers.

Hall of Flowers is the premier business to business cannabis trade show in the state of California. Featuring innovative new products alongside technology and educational activations, the one-of-a-kind show centers the cannabis industry with several unique consumption lounges where buyers can interact with the brand’s products on-site.

Hall of Flowers flagship event, located at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa California, will be going on from May 3rd through the 4th and is available only for verified retail buyers.

This conversation was recorded over the phone, April 7th, 2023.


1:26 – What can attendees expect from Hall of Flowers this year?

3:15 – What made you want to do an official afterparty with Gelato this year?

5:50 – When you’re looking at laying out an afterparty, how do you make sure you aren’t splitting the difference too much between your primary and secondary events?

*8:11 – What are some things people can expect from your Conversation Series at Hall of Flowers this year?

12:20 – When you were figuring out the best way to roll out a new NFC system, what were some things  you considered?

14:35 – What are some big innovations in the industry that you believe people should be on the lookout for at Hall of Flowers?

16:20 – When you’re looking at the state of cannabis in California, what do you believe is the #1 thing on brands minds right now?

18:35 – What was the decision behind the cancellation of your Palm Springs event?

20:20 – What’s the business model look like for Hall of Flowers outside of California moving forward?

21:45 – What is helping drive your decision for events outside of California?

22:40 – Do you believe ancillary events that latch on to main events to take buyers is a major problem in the events business space?

23:45 – How does the buyer attendance look for you from year to year?

26:00 – Are you seeing an expansion of buyers as a result of the growth in social use lounges in California?

27:00 – Do you expect to see buyers’ positions at retailers to become more granular or more diversified?

29:20 – Would you rather do an event in Florida or New York if you had to choose?

30:20 – Is genetics an avenue worth exploring as a trade show?

31:33 – What can someone expect at the show from Day 1 to Day 2?

34:35 – What can people expect from Hall of Flowers as a brand moving forward in 2023?

We would like to thank Dani for his time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about Hall of Flowers by visiting them online at

Stay tuned to the next episode here on Conversations in Cannabis!

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