Conversations In Cannabis: Mark Ainsworth – CEO Of Lowell Farms

We sat down with Mark to talk all things cannabis in this weeks episode

Lowell Herb Co. is a powerhouse brand in the Californian cannabis market. In 2020, California cannabis company Indus Holdings, Inc. acquired the Lowell portfolio, subsequently rebranding itself as Lowell Farms.

We sat down with Mark Ainsworth, CEO of Lowell Farms, to talk about their acquisition of Lowell Herb Co. and the future of cannabis in the state of California.

All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis!


00:30 – What do you guys have going on right now?
01:35 – What made you want to take the leap into the cannabis space from traditional industries?
03:15 – Are you surprised at the time it took for the market to mature into a CPG industry?
05:20 – How do you decide on what finally makes it into the consumers hands?
07:05 – Are you looking to expand your current product portfolio?
09:15 – What is the concept behind the branding?
11:00 – Are you driven more towards effect based marketing or strain based marketing?
15:15 – Are there particular markets you would like to open into?
16:45 – How has the BCC (now the DCC) evolved since the legal market opened?
18:30 – Is there something you would like regulators to take a look at?
20:35 – Are you hopeful for banking regulation changes at the federal level?
22:09 – Do you see the state of California stepping in to do a type of reform if the feds don’t?
23:00 – What do the next 1, 3, and 5 years look like for Lowell Farms?

Thanks again to Mark for his time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about Lowell Farms by visiting them online at

As always a special thanks also goes out to JP Bianchini for the licensed use of his track for our theme song. You can find out more about JP Bianchini by visiting his website at

Stay tuned to the next episode on Conversations in Cannabis!

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