Conversations In Cannabis: Nishant Reddy, CEO & Co-Founder At A Golden State

We sat down with Nishant to talk about the state of Californian cannabis

In California, under the watch of the Cascade Mountains long before the cannabis renaissance, A Golden State has blossomed into one of California’s leaders in high quality cannabis flower in the adult-use era. With plants watered via snowmelt that trickles down from Mount Shasta, A Golden State ensures high-yield premium tier flower by growing in natural soil derived from coconut hulls.

We sat down with Nishant Reddy, Founder and CEO of A Golden State, to talk about his brands progression and what the future of the Californian cannabis industry looks like.


  • 00:50 – How have things been since the last time we talked?
  • 02:30 – Has it been surprising at which the industry has matured when it comes to terpenes?
  • 05:00 – What made you want to start Phases?
  • 07:00 – What does into your R&D when looking specifically for each brand?
  • 09:16 – What is the best way to scale a cannabis brand?
  • 12:50 – Do you believe that executive burnout is real in the cannabis industry?
  • 14:20 – Are you hopeful for safe banking to eventually happen?
  • 15:50 – What is your possibilities for expansion?
  • 18:00 – If you did expand, which markets are you targeting?
  • 20:50 – What’s next for A Golden State?

We’d like to thank Nishant for his time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about A Golden State by visiting them online at As always thanks for listening and we’ll see you here on the next episode of Conversations in Cannabis.

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