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Diego Pellicer, Seattle Washington

Store Name: Diego Pellicer – Seattle

Store Location: 2215 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Store Website:

Perhaps it was the hype that I read surrounding this store that put it on a pedestal. I read on their website that I’d feel like I was walking into a hotel or a spa, yet this was NOT the case at all. First off, it’s on 4th Ave and there were a group of homeless people right out in front fighting, certainly NOT the type of vacation/spa experience I was hoping for. The outside looks a bit like a nice bottle of liquor, which is a cool way to bring in the full experience, but again, the location is not great. Why they chose NOT put this “high end” store in a better location is a clear example of not selecting your store location to match your branding.
The security clerk which checked my ID was pleasant and gave me a wonderful first impression to the store. I felt like his black attire matched the overall vibe which left showed off their overall branding, but the music was a bit loud and distracting from what was supposed to be an overall experience of a high-end store. I, however, did appreciate how they displayed all of the bud brands in cases so you can see the nugs of product you’re going to purchase prior to doing so, something that seems to be a rarity in the area. To me that, along with the listing of THC content so you can self-select, is paramount to a retail experience for an informed consumer. On a personal note as a fan of edibles, I have to say their selection was pretty decent. The glass bongs were beautifully displayed and I really enjoyed looking at them. I could see that the bongs were high end just by looking at them. They were clear glass, had nice sized chambers and an overall level of class.
There was one person behind the counter (aside from the bouncer at the door) which I thought was very odd, especially at lunchtime in a busy area.  I asked the woman behind the counter for a disposable pen (vape) that would give me the best bang for my buck with a solid high, and she said that she knew just what to do. She handed me a pen I had never tried before and explained that pens with the highest THC levels will give the strongest high but still keep me upbeat. I was surprised when she said that I could not get a pen from a company that offered an Indica or Sativa option and that oils are only about THC content, since I have used pens for years that are strain specific and prefer them so I know exactly the high I will be getting.

In the end, I purchased a single use vape by a brand that I haven’t seen before. After two hits I was pleasantly stoned, very mellow and the flavor was nice. The issue is, I am not impressed with what she sold me because it made me tired instead of upbeat which is what I was asking for.  The pen that I purchased is called LUCID Oil and the website it says that it’s as pure as it gets. I looked on their website and liked what I was reading. It’s pure but it doesn’t say if it is Indica or Sativa and that bothers me. The woman behind the counter said that “Vape pens are all made with extracted THC, so it’s about the levels, not the strain.” which I wholeheartedly take issue with. You want to know whether you are going to be more lethargic or uplifted and the budtender was unable to answer that for me.

The pen cost more than I had in my wallet, and she informed me that I could use my debit card free of charge for my purchase. I honestly think THAT was the most exciting part of my visit, since most dispensaries push ATM’s that charge outlandish fees as a way to circumvent the banking regulations. Bottom line, I was unimpressed with my budtender level of knowledge regarding the vape pens and I won’t be back.


  • Design / Athletic
  • Friendly Staff
  • Strain Diversity


  • Budtender Knowledge
  • Clones Not In Controlled Environment

Marijuana Retail Report Rating – 8 / 10

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