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Dutchman’s Flat, San Francisco California

MRR visits Dutchman’s Flat in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco

Store Name: Dutchman’s Flat

Store Location: 2544 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Store Website:


A trip to a dispensary in San Fransisco usually means one of two things; a unique experience, or an utter letdown. After searching the city for some quality storefronts, I came across Dutchman’s Flat in the infamous Dogpatch District. Walking up to the storefront it was hard to predict the experience. There wasn’t much of a forward facing driver to let me know I was in the right place (I’ve seen images online of a stand-alone sign out front, but it wasn’t out during my visit) so I actually walked past it twice before figuring out I was in the right place. The gentleman in the doorway checked my ID, and I walked up the ramp to the receptionist desk to fill out my paperwork. The paperwork was both quick and easy as I was verified and ready to walk past reception within 4 minutes. Both security and the front desk receptionist were pleasant, and the receptionist let the budtender who was a few feet away know I was a first-time patient. The layout and look were both pretty straightforward with its all decor looking more like an artisan coffee shop than a dispensary, and I took a minute to really gauge the layout as opposed to other shops in the area. The flower was kept in little displays with their name etched on paper with their information etched below it. While the theme was unique, the layout was meant to serve 2 patients simultaneously during high volume times with duplicates in the display cases from left to right. After gauging the shop, and being walked through the ‘standard welcome to our store’ speech from the budtender, I was pretty much ready to give this shop a standardized review, until the most amazing thing happened.


Dutchman’s Flat Flower Display

As I was asking the budtender about the genetics of some of the more unique strains they had in stock, the budtender did something almost unheard of in most stores. Instead of just saying i’m not sure he actually went to the back and asked. Curious, I kept the conversation going and sure enough, any time he couldn’t answer a question he quickly went and got the answer. This went on for about 4-5 minutes as I was attempting to gain the depth of the knowledge base the shop had about its products and the owner actually came out from the back to introduce himself. The budtender claimed it was rare for him to do this, but the fact he did it at all spoke volumes as to the love of the shop owner towards the grow he oversee’s and the product he stocks on his shelves. I fully expected him to answer a couple questions, shake my hand, and go back to the back room, but that didn’t happen. He stayed out with me discussing all of the strains and how and why he chose to grow them and even made recommendations below what I was willing to pay simply because he thought the strain would be of more benefit to me based on my needs. Never before have I seen a shop owner tell me “While that strain is phenomenal ($60 cost) I really think this strain would be more beneficial to you because of what you told me.” I was so taken aback by this I almost slow clapped right then and there. Not only was this shop owner the main grower who knew his products inside and out (even gave growing tips), but he was someone who genuinely cares about his patients. It wasn’t about the almighty dollar for him, it was about the satisfied customer leaving his store knowing that they got exactly what they came in for and at the best possible price. It’s such a rare treat to speak to someone who has that attitude in this industry, and I was left literally walking on sunshine discussing cannabis with him and his budtender. They may not have the most diverse selection, but they have the biggest heart for the strains they deem worthy to hit their shelves. I ended up buying the recommended strain as well as the top tier strain (I had a real affinity for the SuperGlue) simply because of his honesty, and he actually ended up combining the two strains into a discounted quarter which most shops also won’t do. All in all, this is a fantastic little shop in the heart of a neighborhood known for it’s working class heritage that will not let you down. It may not have the biggest storefront in the city or the most diverse strain list, but what it lacks in big cannabis retail staples, it more than makes up for it with it’s down to earth approach to cannabis. I for one will absolutely be back to the Dutchman’s Flat.



  • Most Approachable Owner I’ve Ever Met
  • Friendly Staff
  • Tender Knowledge & Willingness To Ask For Help On Questions He Did Not Know
  • Ownership Of Shop Was A True Connoisseur



  • Menu Projected On Wall Was A Bit Hard To Read
  • Strain Diversity


Marijuana Retail Report Rating – 9.45 / 10

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