How The PACT Act Quietly Passed And How It Might Kill the U.S. Vape Market

Lawmakers were given a couple of hours on Dec 21st to devour 5,500+ page legislation

In the midst of the shitshow of U.S. politics at the end of last year, federal lawmakers were facing the prospect of another government shutdown due to gridlock in agreeing to a proposed budget and passing a new spending bill. To avoid such a shutdown, Congress rammed through what was known as the 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

Those lawmakers were given just a couple of hours on December 21st to devour the entire 5,500+ page piece of legislation before casting their vote.

Buried deep in that spending bill was a seemingly unimportant amendment to a tobacco law dating back to 1949, but that amendment to the Preventing All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act is about to lay waste to the vaporizer market and the countless brands that fuel it.

We’re not just talking about e-cigs or nicotine-based vapes. This new language in the law will drop the hammer on online sales of cannabis and hemp-based vaping products, as well as any sort of piece, part or component needed to operate an electronic vaporizer – think empty cartridges, batteries, chargers, etc.

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