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How To Add ADA Compliance To Your Dispensary Website

It’s important that your website should meet ADA accessibility standards

Your dispensary website has to do a lot of things. At its most basic level, it needs to provide potential customers with the information they need to order from you online or visit you in person. Ideally, of course, it does more—much more, as these selected case studies demonstrate—but at the very least, your website is something like a digital business card that helps people remember, find, and interface with you.

So, all that said, would you print a business card that only some people could read?

If you lack an ADA compliant dispensary website, that’s essentially what you’re doing. While many of us associate the ADA—otherwise known as the Americans with Disabilities Act—with wheelchair-accessible entryways and other physical measures, a good deal of the act relates to those with impairments that affect their sight, hearing, and other faculties. 

How many people are we talking about? One estimate places the number of Americans of all ages with a disability at 37.3 million, or roughly 12.1% of the non-institutionalized population. That’s why it’s important that your website should meet ADA accessibility standards to make it easy to read and understand. 

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