INSANE Brand Sponsors Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team For Subversiv 7 Tournament

World’s largest pro-cannabis athletic platform pushes cannabis acceptance forward

INSANE Brand, one of California’s most sought-after cannabis flower brands founded by legendary hip hop artist B-Real, announced today its sponsorship of “Team INSANE” for Subversiv 7, the world’s biggest Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) grappling team tournament. The live audience event will be held at Commerce Casino on Saturday, June 11 and streamed on FiteTV.

The best jiu-jitsu teams in the world, composed of two males and one female, will compete for some of the highest prizes in grappling, including the coveted Diamond Axe Belt. Some of the best jiu jitsu contenders in the world make up “Team Insane” including team captain Nicky Rodriguez, his brother, Jacob Rodriguez and female fighter Alex Enriquez. This event marks the first time the Rodriguez brothers have competed together.

BJJ is the fastest-growing and largest pro-cannabis athletic platform in the world. Nearly 50 percent of polled martial art combatants use cannabis in some fashion. Unlike other sports leagues that have shied away or even banned cannabis use among their athletes, BJJ has embraced their athletes’ use of cannabis, helping to destigmatize the way cannabis is presented and accepted in mainstream sports.

Emphasizing cannabis’ therapeutic effects, the BJJ community considers cannabis an effective tool for recovery and training and as a result, brands are now seeing the opportunity to connect with a wide demographic of cannabis consumers. INSANE’s sponsorship of a BJJ team is a natural fit for the brand. INSANE has been a long-time supporter of BJJ, thanks to B-Real’s personal love of the sport. Kenji Fujishima, Head of Cultivation at Dr. Greenthumb’s and INSANE Brand, is a seasoned martial artist, having trained B-Real while on tour in the late 90’s and 2000’s.

“I’ve been passionate about BJJ for most of my adult life,” said B-Real. “I’ve spent my career bringing people together whether it’s through music, entertainment or cannabis. When the opportunity to have INSANE sponsor a team for Subversiv 7 arrived, it felt like a dream come true. I’m proud of our brands for being part of the BJJ community and bringing people together in the name of BJJ. The entire INSANE team and myself are so excited, not just for this event, but to continue the fight to make cannabis fully accepted in sports and in mainstream America.”

The alignment between martial arts and cannabis has come full circle for Fujishima with INSANE’s sponsorship of “Team INSANE.” As an expert in both cannabis cultivation and martial arts, Fujishima sees this collaboration between the disciplines as representative of the continued fight between legacy brands like INSANE and big business coming into cannabis. “There are certain martial arts that align with our cultural values,” added Fujishima. “It isn’t about glamor, it’s about respect – for the culture, the history, the practice. It’s about all those who practiced before you and shared the traditions and art. It’s about discipline and honor. That’s how we feel about cannabis. That’s what we are fighting for in our industry. Some days I wish we could just get these Wall Street bankers and corporate hacks on the mat to settle this, but we have to fight in the market. I have so much respect for these athletes, we’re going to be
supporting them for years to come.”

Subversiv 7 comprises world class BJJ matches, wellness expo, gourmet cuisine, and an afterparty that seamlessly blend together to curate a night to remember. Tickets for Subversiv 7 can be purchased online at For more information please visit

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