Could MA’s Cannabis Market Bottom Out

“I think ‘23 is going to be a tough year”

When NETA opened in November 2018 it was not only the first legal marijuana shop in Northampton, the first in the Pioneer Valley but one of just two in Massachusetts.

It was also one of just two shops in the entire East Coast and eager consumers lined up around the corner.

Those days are over.

“It is no secret that it is very crowded at this point,” said Matthew Yee, chief operating officer of competitor Enlite Cannabis Dispensary in Northampton. “The whole green rush is over at this point. Everybody knows it.”

That means after a generation of activism, a statewide referendum in 2016 and nearly five years of legal dispensaries, the business of weed is, well, a business.

“It turns into regular retail. Whoever does a better job wins,” he said.

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