Jim Belushi Is Chasing The Magic In Cannabis

“It’s got to be good shit, man.”

I don’t think Jim Belushi was high while we talked on Zoom this week. Instead of a joint, he was puffing on a cigar, but he was still happy and smiling.

“I have my brother’s face on it. I have the Blues Brothers brand. It’s got to be good shit, man.”

Jim Belushi was telling me about his weed, specifically about the small 0.7 gram pre-rolls he sells — the perfect size for the post-Covid era, when passing a joint to a friend is likely discouraged. Belushi started his farm with 48 cannabis plants in 2015. Now, six years and one pandemic later, there are 200 plants in each of his four high-tech greenhouses along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

“I’m always chasing magic,” Belushi said.

We were talking about his new greenhouses supplied in part by GrowGeneration, but Belushi cannot stop gushing about the benefits of cannabis. More than just a celebrity with a weed brand, Belushi is a fully-committed cannabis advocate.

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