Last Prisoner Project and Cannabis Caucus Raise $30,000 Towards Expungements

The progression of cannabis within this country has called for a need for reform

The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) with the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party and The Redemption Foundation has raised $30,000 in donations towards the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign towards expungements.

The progression of cannabis within this country has called for a need for criminal justice reform. Through interventions, advocacy, and awareness LPP, has dedicated its mission through engagement and campaigns. Long time supporter of LPP and advocate, TV host Montel Williams has a personal history with Michigan cannabis reform, stating, “Michigan’s failure to address restorative justice as part of cannabis legalization shocks the conscience.” Williams was arrested in a Detroit airport for possession of a pipe in 2002.

The 10th state to legalize marijuana, Michigan has had success towards the additional tax revenue and opening of dispensaries around the state but has fallen short of dealing with expungements. “Over the past years, arrests typically involved simple drug possession offenses, which accounted for 85-90% of all drug arrests. Small-time marijuana possession arrests accounted for around 40%.” based on a report by the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics.

Under the LPP, the Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Release Campaign aims explicitly to secure the release and record expungement of nonviolent offenders like Rudi Gammo, Michael Thompson, and many other nonviolent Michigan cannabis prisoners. Rudi Gammo is currently serving more than five years for operating a medical dispensary, where medicinal marijuana passed in 2008, and Michael Thompson, serving over 25 years for selling 3 pounds of marijuana to an undercover cop.

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