Mississippi Governor Urges Medical Marijuana Law After Court Nixes Ballot Measure

“I support the will of the voters”

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves says he wants legislators to put a medical marijuana program into state law after the state Supreme Court recently overturned one that voters approved.

“I support the will of the voters. … I think we will have a medical marijuana program in Mississippi,” the Republican governor said during an interview that aired during the weekend on WLOX-TV.

A majority of justices ruled May 14 that a medical marijuana proposal, Initiative 65, was not properly on the November ballot because Mississippi’s initiative process is outdated and unworkable. The ruling overturned voters’ approval of Initiative 65 and took away citizens’ process to put issues on the statewide ballot.

Mississippi remains in the minority of states without a medical marijuana program. Reeves has not said whether he will call legislators into special session, but he told WLOX about passing a law: “It is imperative that we get it done, and get it done quickly.”

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