New Mexico Panel Recommends Raising Medical Cannabis Plant Count

Raising the plant count limit could improve cannabis quality and accessibility

An advisory board recommended Wednesday that New Mexico clear the way for licensed medical marijuana producers to grow more plants amid persistent concerns about the high costs of cannabis and the lack of variety for patients across the state.

The board during an online meeting voted to recommend that the state health secretary consider increasing the current plant count.

The vote came in response to a petition that sought to either eliminate the limit altogether or significantly increase the number of plants that can be grown by each producer.

Board Chairwoman Stephanie Richmond, a physician assistant with the University of New Mexico Health System, said an increase is warranted because the advisory board recently recommended that patients be allowed to purchase more cannabis within a certain period of time.

Richmond also said the list of qualifying medical conditions allowing people to buy medical marijuana could be expanded to include anxiety, attention deficient disorders and some substance abuse disorders.

Richmond said those changes, if approved by the state health secretary, could result in increased demand for medical marijuana.

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