Reports Of Multiple Raids At Cannabis Social Clubs Ahead Of Annual Spannabis Show In Barcelona

We are still awaiting additional information

There are multiple unconfirmed reports of raids having occurred at social clubs across Barcelona as the city heralds the International Cannabis Awards. Spannabis, which opens today, is the largest gathering of cannabis industry professionals and enthusiasts in Europe. This action marks a stark contrast to how Spanish law enforcement had previously treated cannabis social clubs, always having a laissez-faire approach to the ever evolving soft-drug scene. As Thailand backtracks on its legalization efforts, this move by the Spanish hopefully doesn’t showcase a trend in European enforcement.

As always, Marijuana Retail Report and our staff always encourages anyone in our industry attending an international trade show or cannabis festival to know the local laws and always be respectful that you are in another country. Cannabis remains illegal in Spain, and you should treat it as such with as soft a touch as possible to not turn Spain against cannabis.

Stay tuned for more information as reports are still incoming and we are still waiting to hear back from several sources.

Social Clubs Allegedly Affected: (These are unconfirmed at this time)






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