U.S. Journalist Detained In Germany For Marijuana Following Barcelona Assignment

Always be aware of the laws of the country you are in

As I sit here on this airplane not high, I am still distraught over what transpired this morning. Let me first start with the reflection that I take full responsibility for my actions, and I’m in no way dismissing the fact that everyone needs to abide by the law of the country they are in. I am however trying to make sense of the situation, as a good majority of my professional work lies within the cannabis industry.

As a freelance journalist and on-camera host based in Los Angeles I had the golden opportunity to host the International Cannabis Awards in Barcelona, Spain, which took place just a few days ago, prior to attending Spannabis, Europe’s largest cannabis event. The ICA’s was deemed the “Oscars of the cannabis industry,” and to be able to host such a prestigious award ceremony overseas was something I was definitely not taking for granted. 

Cannabis brought me to Spain, and I’ll forever be grateful. Beyond falling in love with the city in itself, Spannabis was something I’d never imagine to be taking place overseas — especially in a place where weed is not yet fully legal. In fact, a good handful of social clubs (what they call weed consumption lounges in Europe) got raided just this week.

I attended Day 1 of Spannabis on Friday, March 15th, thanks to good people over at Royal Queen Seeds. As one of their ambassadors, it’s been a joy to work with such a well-respected brand. They had the biggest booth at the expo, although I’d definitely label Spannabis more of a weed festival. Guests can buy a ticket for 25 Euros and attend, whereas trade shows in the United States are much more expensive and sometimes only limited to vendors.

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