Robert Turk & John Simmen – Co-Founders & Principals Of Sevenpoint Interiors

We sat down with Robert and John from Sevenpoint Interiors to talk design

In the world of dispensaries, design means everything when a new shop opens up. With so much overlap in product availability, the way you entice customers to get in the door has a lot to do with how your store is perceived. Robert Turk and John Simmen from Sevenpoint Interiors noticed this early on having come from high-end retail, and immediately set to elevate the dispensary design world.

We sat down with Robert Turk & John Simmen from Sevenpoint Interiors to talk all about the evolution of dispensary design and where they feel the industry is headed. 

All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis!


00:57 – What made you want to originally break into the cannabis industry?

01:50 – When you guys are onboarding a client, how does the process get started?

03:50 – What is the most challenging part of onboarding a client?

04:54 – What was the most creative thing you’ve done for a client so far?

05:40 – What are some key indicators of success and failure you look for during a project?

06:20 – What does the future of cannabis look like in terms of design? 

07:42 – What are some things you look pay close attention to when starting a project?

10:20 – What is the best model for dispensaries to take? Churn & burn or all-day customers?

11:00 – Did you guys expect cannabis drive throughs to happen?

11:32 – What is the most important part of building out your dispensary?  

12:17 – Product / demographics before design? Or design before figuring out demographics and products?

13:00 – What has been the biggest evolution of dispensary design since the inception of 

15:33 – What is a way to overcome a challenge with a client in a more restrictive market.

16:22 – Do you think psychedelics will take the same design approach that cannabis did?

17:20 – Will you guys jump in the psychedelics space once it opens up?

17:40 – What’s next on the pipeline for you guys?

18:20 – Are you hopeful for federal legalization in the United States?

20:40 – Has anyone ever gone into one of your dispensaries and hired you for traditional market retail?

21:23 – When you first got into the industry did you expect dispensary design to be pushing traditional retail design?

We would like to thank John and Robert for their time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more Sevenpoint Interiors by visiting them online at

As always, a special thanks also goes out to JP Bianchini for the licensed use of his track for our theme song. You can find out more about JP Bianchini by visiting his website at

Stay tuned to the next episode on Conversations in Cannabis!

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