South Dakota’s First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

“I don’t know why we did it so quiet”

When people think of marijuana in South Dakota, one name looms large. Flandreau; or more specifically, Native Nations Cannabis in Flandreau, owned and operated by the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe.

But they aren’t the only game in the market in South Dakota, and they haven’t been for some time now.

While state licensed dispensaries have been slowly working toward opening dates that are still weeks away, and while Native Nations has been churning out medical cannabis products to those qualifying for a card, No Worries, a dispensary located along E Main Street in Pine Ridge, has quietly been selling marijuana since May 27, 2022.

This may not be especially notable considering Native Nations began sales in July, 2021, but there is one important difference.

No Worries is selling recreational marijuana. One needs only be over the age of 21 to buy.

“I don’t know why we did it so quiet,” said Ty Eagle Bull, manager of the dispensary, which is owned by his cousin Adonis Saltes. “I think maybe we were scared that we were going to get hit hard and sell out right away.”

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