Spooky Strains For A Happy Halloweed

Pair top brands with some classic horror films to make your evening memorable

Step into the chilling embrace of the Halloween season, diving deep into the enigmatic world of spine-tingling cannabis strains that perfectly mirror the eerie ambience. Venturing from the mystique of 22Red’s Indica hybrid ZK flower to the depth of The Artist Tree’s Mendo Cookies, our experts have meticulously crafted an exceptional match of your all-time favorite Halloween horror movies with the ideal cannabis strain. Imagine nestling into your couch with a timeless horror movie, exceptional cannabis, and the absolute absence of paranoia – it’s the ideal setting, isn’t it?

Delve into our curated list for the season:

The Silence of the Lambs x Last Bite

As the curtains fall on ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, Hannibal Lector leaves us with an indelible mark, having the last bite, or rather, the last haunting laugh. Drawing a parallel, you can similarly relish in the pleasure of the ‘Last Bite’, albeit without any nefarious undertones. This cult horror masterpiece from the 90s deserves a companion as classic as the Last Bite, a delightful creation from Gelato Canna Co. These diminutive sugar cones, generously filled with a rich 10mg THC dark chocolate, promise to hold your attention unwavering through the film’s intense 2-hour duration. Forget the chianti; it’s a sideshow. What’s more, the Last Bite is crafted in three indulgent variants: Cookies and Cream White Chocolate, a luscious Milk Chocolate Caramel, and a delightful Strawberry Chocolate. This Halloween, it’s all about indulgence sans any mischief! Seek them out at select CA dispensaries, with Gelato Dispensary in Lake Elsinore being one of them.

The Shining x 22Red

One can’t help but wonder, had Jack Torrance been introduced to the serene effects of 22Red’s ZK flower, would the iconic ‘The Shining’ have had a less deadly outcome? Could he have peacefully finished his novel in the solace of the Overlook Hotel? This unique strain, a marriage between ZKittlex Cake and TK Bx1, boasts a symphony of flavors – from vibrant candy-like sweetness and berries to a touch of tropical citrus, rounded off with an earthy base note. It doesn’t just stop at tantalizing the taste buds; ZK is celebrated for igniting the flames of creativity (who knows, it might even be the remedy for writer’s block) while ensuring anxiety and extreme reactions remain at bay. This Halloween, let 22Red’s ZK be your companion for social interactions, available in select AZ dispensaries in both the petite and premium indoor flower jar variants.

Midsommar x The Artist Tree

The film ‘Midsommar’ is a hypnotic blend of the surreal, the spine-chilling, and the sensuous. Capturing a similar essence is the Mendo Cookies flower from The Artist Tree. Indica dominant, this strain is the offspring of the famed Girl Scout Cookies and the exquisite Mendo Purps. It is heralded for its triad of effects: arousal, calming, coupled with the eruption of creativity. Seeking a euphoric, laughter-inducing high? This might be your antidote to truly resonate with the protagonist Dani, especially in her final moments of sinister delight. Seek out the Mendo Cookies at every The Artist Tree outpost, packaged perfectly in 3.5 gram bags.

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