Who Will Win The Cannabis Cup Illinois People’s Choice?

The High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition was a fantastic showing

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The story has been updated to include Facebook Link to the Awards Show

The world-famous High Times crew has brought back the Cannabis Cup to the land of Lincoln with the Illinois High Times Cup – People’s Choice Edition.

With brands such as Cresco, Rhythm, Legends, Fig Farms, UpNorth, Revolution, and several others, the sativa kit I judged was PACKED with some of the top producers in Illinois growing adult-use market.

The Sativa Flower lineup for the People’s Choice Cup in Illinois

While it was definitely hard to judge, I immediately went to separating what I judged as lower tier, mid tier, and top tier flower. I based this off of the quality of the trich growth, the terp notes, and trim job, knowing that the final factor would end up being terps and effect. In the end, after 3 days of testing I came to my conclusion. My personal favorite was GTI‘s zesty staple, L’orange, brought to you by Rhythm Cannabis. While I feel the original producer, Cannabiotix, (a brand also under GTI’s flag). There were a couple of close contenders, but the terp profile on L’orange was just far and beyond. Fig Farms with Figment came in a close second, but my love of that terp profile overweighed everything else.

You can see all of the winners LIVE this Sunday on High Time’s Facebook Page at 4:20pm (CT) sharp.

*UPDATE* It’s time! You can watch the live feed by clicking here or watching the embed below.


Indica Flower

First Place: Rythm – Brownie ScoutCourtesy of Rythm

Second Place: Bedford Grow – I-95Courtesy of Bedford Grow

Third Place: Revolution Cannabis – Peach CrescendoCourtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Sativa Flower

First Place: Fig Farms – FigmentCourtesy of Fig Farms

Second Place: UPNORTH – Durban PoisonCourtesy of UPNORTH

Third Place: Revolution Cannabis – Miami PunchCourtesy of Floracal

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Revolution Cannabis– Gorilla’d CheeseCourtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Second Place: Aeriz – Jenny KushCourtesy of Aeriz

Third Place: Floracal – Vanilla CakeCourtesy of Floracal


First Place: Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Honey Bun Solventless Live Rosin Moon WalkersCourtesy of Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Second Place: Terp Stix – Blueberry Cookies Infused Pre-RollCourtesy of Terp Stix

Third Place: Triple 7 – Tropical Runtz Pre-RollCourtesy of Triple 7

Concentrates and Extracts

First Place: Revolution Cannabis – Gorilla’d Cheese RosinCourtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Second Place: Rythm – LIVE Grapefruit Sour DieselCourtesy of Rythm

Third Place: Floracal – Banana Runtz BadderCourtesy of Floracal

Vape Pens

First Place: Superflux – Margalope Live Resin VapeCourtesy of Superflux

Second Place: Floracal – Candy Rain CartCourtesy of Floracal

Third Place: Revolution Cannabis – Peach Lemonade Terp Tank CartridgeCourtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Edibles: Gummies

First Place: Mindy’s – Berries GummiesCourtesy of Mindy’s

Second Place: Matter – Cherry Cola Gummy BitesCourtesy of Matter

Third Place: Bedford Grow – Citrus Twist GemsCourtesy of Bedford Grow

Edibles: Non-Gummies

First Place: Incredibles – Windy City BitesCourtesy of Incredibles

Second Place: Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Mint Cookie Milk Chocolate Crunch BarCourtesy of Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Third Place: Sweet Life – Citrus Blue CaramelCourtesy of Sweet Life

Medical Flower

First Place: Verano Reserve – Guru 0Courtesy of Verano Reserve

Second Place: Revolution Cannabis – Buttermilk BiscuitsCourtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Third Place: Rythm – Orange HerijuanaCourtesy of Rythm

Medical Vape Pens

First Place: Beboe – Inspired PenCourtesy of Beboe

Second Place: Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Joos Skywalker Live Resin Disposable PenCourtesy of Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Third Place: Verano Reserve – Sunshine OG Live Resin VapeCourtesy of Verano Reserve

Medical Edibles

First Place: Bedford Grow – Strawberry Lemonade GemsCourtesy of Bedford Grow

Second Place: Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Birthday Cake Pretzel BallsCourtesy of Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Third Place: Encore – Pineapple Raspberry Gummies

The next cup will be in Alaska which has its own robust industry in the extreme northwest. You can learn more about the Alaskan People’s Choice Cup by clicking here.

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