Wisconsin Governor Includes Cannabis Legalization In State Budget Proposal

Cannabis would be taxed and could generate more than $165 million annually

Gov. Tony Evers’ proposed 2021-23 budget will include a plan for the legalization and taxation of recreational marijuana, which is likely to be blocked by the Republican-controlled Legislature but could be a catalyst for the legalization of medical marijuana.

A portion of the tax revenue generated from marijuana sales would go toward equity initiatives and rural schools, Evers said in a statement Sunday.

Under the proposal, marijuana would be taxed like alcohol and could generate more than $165 million annually starting in the 2023 fiscal year.

“Legalizing and taxing marijuana in Wisconsin — just like we do already with alcohol — ensures a controlled market and safe product are available for both recreational and medicinal users and can open the door for countless opportunities for us to reinvest in our communities and create a more equitable state,” Evers said in a statement.

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