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The Apothecary Shoppe, Las Vegas Nevada

This is a themed shop through an through. Featuring everything from their check-in window that reminds me of an old timey ticket window and a lobby that feels like an office waiting room, you can tell what you are in for right off the bat. The music didn’t quite match the ambiance and aesthetic they were going for, as it was more of a top 40 vibe vs an old timey shoppe. Check in process was relatively simple with a couple of pages and an ID check, the wait wasn’t bad either as I was within the shop inside of 5 minutes.


Store Name: The Apothecary Shoppe

Store Location: 4240 W Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103

Store Website:


This is a themed shop through and through. Featuring everything from their check-in window that reminds me of an old timey ticket window and a lobby that resembles an office waiting room, there’s a nostalgic familiarity which let me know what I was getting myself into. The music didn’t quite match the ambiance and aesthetic they were going for. I didn’t know what to expect, I just didn’t expect top 40. The check in process was relatively simple however with just a couple of pages and an ID check. The wait wasn’t bad and I was heading inside the shop within 5 minutes. Before heading in I was explained the way it works and handed a useful first time patient brochure. The brochure itself was a little faded, but otherwise provided some otherwise useful information about both the shop itself, general information about usage and methods of intake of cannabis, and other safety and regulatory information.



Once finally walking through the doors, the first reaction of the shop is, “wow, they have a solid vibe and a clean wood accented aesthetic”. The only thing that felt out of place was the step and repeat against the wall. It looked slightly cheesy against what was otherwise an incredible layout. I can easily see this shop expanding into a lounge. It was inviting, fun, and was proudly showing the creativity of a shop alongside its environment. The budtender was even wearing an outfit true to the shop theme and was extremely helpful in navigating the products available. He easily answered most of the questions I had regarding the genetics of the strains on hand, but he did admit to being unsure on a couple of the top strains. He had a little trouble finding the strains I selected unfortunately, but my eyes were drawn to the drawers that resembled a Dewey decimal system from an old library which matched perfectly to their theme. When we finally got to check out, I was ready to give their top strains a try. In the end, I selected Golden Ticket which didn’t have a vendor listed, and Ting by High Terra Holistics. The strains were a little dry, but of otherwise good quality. In the end, this shop has just a little way to go, not much however and once they do they will be perfect.



  • Atmosphere
  • Friendly Staff
  • Knowledgable


  • Strain Diversity
  • Strains Chosen Were Dry

Marijuana Retail Report Rating – 8.25 / 10

Marijuana Retail Report conducts its reviews independent of the shops / accessories / lounges knowledge. Marijuana Retail Report is neither paid or otherwise incentivized by the shop / accessory / lounge to review them. They are not informed of the review either prior to, during, or after and cannot have the review edited for any reason other than provable inaccuracy. The reviews are unbiased by design and contain a 31 point inspection of the store during the review. The cannabis is purchased by the reviewer and is not paid for by the shop nor is the reviewer reimbursed by the shop for the review. The products selected for purchase are purchased at random based on variable criteria, and are meant to spot check the dispensary.

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