Are Cannabis Consumption Lounges The New Legalization Trend?

The global cannabis industry is maturing

The global cannabis industry is maturing, demands are increasing and better reforms are being enacted for the industry to attain a mature market. The not-so-new innovation that is becoming prevalent now is the “cannabis consumption lounge”.

The basics

The best way to explain this is to liken it to a bar. Simply put, a bar is an alcohol consumption lounge, that is a public space where alcoholic drinks are consumed. Therefore a cannabis consumption lounge is a licensed and safe space for a group of people to consume cannabis.

Cannabis lounges may just be the best element to make cannabis socially acceptable by all age groups in the country. It will go a long way in ensuring an equitable industry that caters to all.

There has been widespread excitement in some states due to the proposals for new cannabis lounges. These lounges will allow people from all spheres of life to congregate in a space to talk and consume cannabis products—just like restaurants and bars.

Compared to cannabis dispensaries, these consumption lounges are far and few in between; no thanks to the legal and restrictive regulations in the country— most especially on the federal level.

The pandemic also slowed down the process of setting up these lounges last year, as gatherings were restricted. Even legislative actions had to be halted at a point in time.

What started the trend?

This uptick can be attributed to the booming cannabis demands across the U.S. Cannabis entrepreneurs see this increased demand as an avenue to add value to the cannabis industry.

One of these entrepreneurs, Tim Wright (Of Shasta Management) said in an interview that the brand has plans to build the largest cannabis consumption lounge in the U.S soon. They plan to open this lounge in Imperial County, California.

Mr. Wright credited his brand’s plans to the public because if not for their unwavering support for cannabis reforms, the industry might have remained stagnant.

The opening of cannabis lounges would permit U.S residents to socialize and have fun with friends and family while consuming cannabis. It will be like a restaurant gathering, only that these lounges would serve customers above the age of 21.

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