Californian Cannabis Store Says They Were Kicked off Texting Platform Because Of T-Mobile

“It’s a complete invasion of privacy”

The co-owner of a cannabis store in Modesto is claiming T-Mobile is the reason behind why he was kicked off a texting platform he uses for his business.

“It’s a complete invasion of privacy,” said Travis Miller, the co-owner Empire Health & Wellness in Modesto.

Miller told FOX40 he’s been simply communicating to his thousands of customers about the cannabis they use for medicinal and recreational purposes before he was kicked off the texting platform.

“We have Avochato, using Twillio, who uses T-Mobile’s network,” Miller explained.

Avochato is a texting platform that allows texting through a desktop, which increases Miller’s efficiency. His business texts about 5,000 times each day.

“It’s basically impossible for me to get through to anybody, even communicate about the situation. Avochato has basically told me that it’s above their heads and they’re not able to do anything. And unless they ban us, they’re going to be banned as well,” Miller said

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