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Conversations in Cannabis: An Exclusive with CAMP Cannabis and The Source

We sat down Aaron and Sequoah to all things Nevada cannabis

Part 1: Aaron Nino, COO & Co-Founder at CAMP

Nestled within the ever-expanding world of cannabis is CAMP, a standout brand that has carved its own niche in the vibrant Nevada market. Co-Founded by the visionary Aaron Nino, its dedication to providing unique, high-quality cannabis products has allowed CAMP to gain traction among enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.

In this episode of Conversations in Cannabis, we have an exclusive sit-down with Aaron Nino, the Co-Founder and COO of CAMP Cannabis. Aaron takes us on a journey, charting the brand’s inception, its hurdles, and the overarching mission that has driven its success. Owned by The Source, a reputed retail entity in the Nevada cannabis sector, CAMP represents a convergence of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Tune in to get insights on:

  • The genesis of CAMP and its positioning in the competitive cannabis market.
  • The challenges faced in the nascent stages of the brand and the strategies implemented to overcome them.
  • The symbiotic relationship between CAMP and The Source and how it fosters growth and innovation.

Part 2: The Retail Renaissance – In Conversation with Sequoah Turner

Sequoah Turner, the Senior VP of Retail at The Source, holds the reins to a complex and ever-evolving realm. As the cannabis industry blossoms, the retail aspect has undergone tremendous transformation, adapting to the needs of an ever-growing customer base and navigating the intricate web of regulations.

In the second part of our podcast series, Sequoah delves deep into:

  • The dynamics of cannabis retail and the emerging trends shaping its future.
  • The Source’s approach to curating a seamless and enriching retail experience.
  • The challenges and rewards of being at the forefront of cannabis retail in Nevada.

With an astute understanding of the market, Sequoah sheds light on the intersection of consumer behavior, regulatory frameworks, and business innovation.

Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast eager to know more about your favorite brands or an entrepreneur looking for insights into the rapidly growing industry, this two-part podcast series promises a wealth of knowledge and intriguing tales from the heart of Nevada’s cannabis sector.

Mark your calendars and join us for a dive into the verdant world of cannabis with CAMP and The Source. Don’t miss out!

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