Conversations In Cannabis: Jack and Joe Tran, Co-Founders at Hitoki

We sat down with the brothers to discuss the future of laser ignition in cannabis

Brothers Jack and Joe Tran took their love of lasers and cannabis to help bring the ancillary market into the 21st century with the cannabis consumption via laser ignition brand, Hitoki (

The Trident by Hitoki

Since its inception, Hitoki has expanded what’s possible with laser combustion techniques so we sat down with the brothers to discuss where they came up with the idea and what the future of the brand might be.

This conversation was recorded over the phone, on January 26th, 2023.


00:23 – What made you guys want to start a business as a family?

01:47 – How did you decide on the ancillary market?

05:01 – When did each of you find out about the other brother smoking?

06:27 – How did you come to the final design concept for your first iteration?

11:00 – You guys have to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment

12:31 – At what point did you decide on coming out with a second version?

14:53 – How do you decide which things to actually prototype?

17:03 – What can we expect in the future with Hitoki?

We would like to thank both Jack and Joe for their time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about Hitoki by visiting them online at

Stay tuned to the next episode here on Conversations in Cannabis!

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