Conversations In Cannabis: Kenji Fujishima, Director of Cultivation at Dr. Greenthumb Inc.

We sat down with the legendary grower himself to talk all things cannabis

Kenji Fujishima is a legacy grower from Los Angeles that has deep roots in the Californian cannabis scene. Having build his knowledge during the pre-215 days with B-Real from Cypress Hill fame, he is credited with having innovated some of the finest craft cannabis strains in the early Californian market.

Now Kenji spends his days running the cultivation team over at Dr. Greenthumb Inc as their Director of Cultivation helping to curate some of the finest cannabis on the market under the Insane OG brand.

We sat down Kenji to talk about everything from the early days of the 215 medical era of California to curating cannabis for one of the worlds best known brands, and so much more!

All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis!


00:37 – What made you originally want to get into the industry?

08:00 – Did the evolution from the underground to the 215-market surprise you?

11:45 – Are you hopeful for banking reform in cannabis to prevent robberies in the cash heavy market?

14:20 – Are you surprised that the Dutch have been surpassed by the US and Canada in the CPG market of cannabis?

17:50 – Do you feel that federal legalization will help with trademarks of genetics in cannabis?

21:37 – Are you hopeful that the connoisseur markets ideology on cannabis will make its way into the mainstream market?

24:35 – Is that shift going to happen sooner rather than later?

31:45 – What goes into your consideration about what genetics to bring to market?

35:10 – What’s coming down the pipeline for Insane OG and the Dr. Greenthumb brand?

38:46 – Is there any particular market you are excited to enter into?

We would like to thank Kenji for being on the episode today. You can find out more about Kenji by visiting him online at or Insane OG at

As always, a special thanks also goes out to JP Bianchini for the licensed use of his track for our theme song. You can find out more about JP Bianchini by visiting his website at

Stay tuned to the next episode on Conversations in Cannabis!

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