Dr. Dabber Launches Next Evolution of its Award-Winning Boost EVO With New Dab Glass Attachments

The company aims to surpass expectations

 Dr. Dabber, the leader in quality vaporizer pens and accessories, today announced its new line of TDE, “Traditional Dab Experience,” glass attachments during this week’s MJBiz Conference (October 19-21) in Las Vegas. Known for inventing the industry’s first eRig, the company will unveil its new TDE Ball Rig, TDE Whip, and TDE J-Perc Attachments for its award-winning e-rig vaporizer, the Boost EVO. Launched in 2020, which received accolades for being one of the highest quality portable dabbing devices, the Boost EVO can easily be turned into an eRig powerhouse with the TDE conversion kit.

With the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis, dabbing has become more widely popular over the last decade. Dr. Dabber is an industry stand-out in vaporizer design, with its formula of innovative components, low-heat titanium technology, and focus on improving flavor and efficacy. Standout features for its new line of TDE attachments include the ability to hot load concentrates and improve directional airflow.

“The Boost EVO was thoughtfully constructed for a new, smoother dab experience,” explained Dr. Dabber CEO Jamie Rosen. “Building on our vision of modularity and functionality, the new TDE attachments are a testament to exactly that. Our customers now have the option to convert the rig into something more familiar, all in one device. It opens up the rig to so many more use options and highlights the ingenuity of the Dr. Dabber team.”

Continuing the Dr. Dabber tradition of high-quality material and technology, created for the consumer seeking diversity in oil/wax mixes, improved airflow, straightforward use, durability, and perfection in adjustable heating technology, the Boost EVO was designed from the ground-up as a modular and portable unit. All Dr. Dabber TDE attachments are compatible with the Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter, so users can control their session size by easily converting their device from one functionality to another.

With Dr. Dabber’s line of TDE attachments, the company aims to surpass expectations and continue their momentum in vaporizer innovation with the following new products and features:

The TDE J-Perc Attachment features a large water reservoir, allowing for more efficient filtration and easy cleaning, offering users a smooth-airy pull, delivering dense, flavorful hits.

The TDE Ball Rig also features a large water reservoir with a showerhead percolator, allowing for a higher resistance pull, offering users a restricted draw, and less lung power.

The TDE Whip Attachment works directly with a Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter to easily connect your favorite water pipe to suit your mood or session size. The Whip Attachment kit includes both a 10mm and a 14mm male adapter, and a directional carb cap, providing ideal airflow for vapor production and flavor.

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About Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a Las Vegas-based premium vaporizer company credited for having developed the first portable electronic rig. The company focuses on providing a vaping experience that minimizes health risks without sacrificing enjoyment or flavor. Dr. Dabber has rapidly grown to be one of the top vaporizing brands in the cannabis industry. Dr. Dabbers’ products have received several awards including 12 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, Editor’s Choice from Geekspin, and first place on Digital Trends’ list of The Best Vaporizers. Dr. Dabber looks forward to this ever-growing industry and exciting their customers with many more new products to come.

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