‘Get Ready, Get Set’ NY Office Of Cannabis Management Announces Workshops To Help Equity Entrepreneurs Apply For First Retail Cannabis Licensees

These trainings will simplify and explain the process for applying for a license

The Office of Cannabis Management announced the first “Get Ready, Get Set” virtual workshops t o help eligible New Yorkers prepare applications for Conditional AdultUse Retail Dispensary (CAURD) Licenses to sell cannabis in New York. The CAURD licenses are one of the cornerstones of the Seeding Opportunity Initiative, announced by Governor Kathy Hochul in March, which ensures the first adult use cannabis is grown by New York farmers and sold by individuals directly impacted by the over criminalization of cannabis prohibition. 

“As a former coffee shop owner I know how hard it can be to launch and operate a retail space. And that’s why I’m excited to offer the ‘Get Ready, Get Set’ workshops. These trainings will simplify and explain the process for applying for a license to sell adult use cannabis in New York,” said Control Board Tremaine Wright, Chairperson of the Cannabis . “This isn’t just about us sharing information, it’s also about OCM learning from those interested in applying for CAURD licenses and seeing exactly how we can meet the needs of applicants, then empower them to be successful cannabis business owners.”

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