Hall Of Flowers Sessions: October 2022

Part 1 with Sean Shepherd of The Artist Tree is live now!

Hall of Flowers is widely seen as the premiere business to business plant touching networking event in California. We sat down with several operators during HoF to see their current takes on the industry as well as where their brands are headed in the new year.

HoF Sessions Pt. 1: Sean Shepherd, Purchasing Director at The Artist Tree

We caught up with Sean Shepherd, Director of Purchasing for California based retailer and social use lounge operator, The Artist Tree, during Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa California to talk about everything from legalization to truth in product descriptions.

00:30 – How has your most recent expansion been for The Artist Tree?
1:50 – What are you seeing as the difference in consumer trends between NorCal and SoCal?
4:50 – How has the Social Use Lounge in West Hollywood going?
8:07 – What is your criteria when figuring out what you want to purchase for The Artist Tree?
13:20 – Has it surprised you seeing the industry going from small shops to full scale businesses in such a short amount of time?
15:30 – Are you seeing more brands trying to become corporatized?
17:40 – Do you believe that the speed of M&A’s created this corporate mentality across the industry?
19:50 – Will you see something like anti-trust move in when it comes to be federally legal?
21:50 – Do you think that we need more regulators who are previous operators?
24:20 – What are some brands that you are excited about to see here at Hall of Flowers?
26:20 – Any possibility of out of state expansion?



HoF Sessions Pt. 4: Dani Diamon, CEO & Founder at Hall of Flowers

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