High Times Jon Cappetta’s Stone-Cold Cop List #30: High On Tour

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Can y’all believe this is number 30 already?! That means there are already over 300 picks published for this silly lil’ collection of dank. That’s a lot of smoke in my lungs… god I love this job. 

Anyway, the past month has been a whirlwind. Having not really slowed down since August, this one has selections from across my travels over the past month and a half that I’m just now getting the time to scribe. From the Bay, to New York, New Orleans, and back to SoCal, the past few weeks have been a blast, and I’ve got a lot of dope to share. Well, actually I didn’t find anything to write home about product wise while down in NOLA, but I did have a great time hanging there with the weed I brought from home. I did see a surprising number of billboards advertising mushroom products down there, too! The South is adopting psychedelics, what a time to be alive!

And while I’m back in town right now, we’re not slowing down for winter yet! With MJ Biz Con next week in Las Vegas, and the Emerald Cup’s Harvest Ball right around the corner – which, btw, ya boy was just announced as a flower judge on – the weed celebrations continue. Next week I’ll be at Jimi’s Heat Quest on the 15th, and at High Times’ BizBash afterparty with Method Man & Redman at Brooklyn Bowl on the 17th, so while you’re still of course welcome as always to hit me with the newness you’re excited about on Twitter, if you’re coming to the Con let’s get together and actually smoke it! 

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