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How To Capitalize On The Biggest Cannabis Holidays At Your Dispensary

With so many powerhouse holidays, it’s always good to be prepared

420 has traditionally been the biggest cannabis sales day but as the cannabis industry continues to thrive, many other holidays or long weekends are emerging as equally important days for dispensary owners to capitalize on. For that matter, Canada Day has already dethroned 420 for the past couple of years in the Great White North, and the 4th of July is catching up to 420-day sales rapidly in the US. Apart from the respective national days of the two countries, there are several other holidays on which cannabis enthusiasts are purchasing more cannabis products as per our latest 420 infographics.

These holidays present an excellent opportunity for cannabis retailers and dispensary owners to boost sales and engage with a larger customer base. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key cannabis holidays that you must be aware of, discuss how you can prepare your cannabis retail store for increased traffic, highlight the importance of reliable cannabis dispensary software, provide inventory management tips and guide you on preparing dispensary staff to ensure a seamless omnichannel customer experience at your dispensary.

The Biggest Cannabis Sales Days and Holidays

  • 4/20 (April 20th): Known as the unofficial cannabis holiday, 420 has always been synonymous with cannabis culture. On this day, cannabis sales skyrocket, and dispensaries witness a surge in customer traffic.
  • 4th of July/Canada Day: The national days of the US and Canada have emerged as the front runners to take the biggest cannabis sales day crown from 420. These long weekends in the summer bring out people to the outdoors and many like to enhance their experiences with cannabis products.
  • Green Wednesday: Taking place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in the US, Green Wednesday has gained significant traction in recent years. It serves as a precursor to the Black Friday shopping frenzy and offers an opportunity for dispensaries to attract customers before the holiday season.
  • Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve: The holiday season is a time for people to celebrate with friends and family, and many are partaking in cannabis consumption nowadays to elevate their holiday spirits. It’s certainly a time to capitalize on.
  • Sports Events: Many big sports events, including the Cannabis Cup, are also big sales days in North America. But one that stands out is the Super Bowl when a significant population is glued to the television with some cannabis and munchies to go along.

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